Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Balance Is Just The Beginning

I have been kind of slacking here lately about blogging…It happens.
And also, I’ve been slacking on my diet. I’ve given in and had some amounts of sugar and also, I’ve had coffee. I just got fed up and was extremely irritable, so I found comfort in coffee..with lots of creamer…I know. Shame on me, but trust me, I payed the price for giving in. You are probably thinking I gave in on Thanksgiving, well I can honestly say that I did not. My parents, and soon-be-in laws made a lot of food that I could eat. I appreciated that so much. So I didn’t even think about what I couldn’t have (except sweet potatoes) BUT I was good all day. I also successfully made my very own, gluten, dairy, and sugar free pumpkin pie. It was amazing! Tasted just like any normal pumpkin pie.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving is when I started to give in. I guess since being a girl, and certain things make you emotional, you can’t help it but give into cravings. And so I did. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday…I am not very proud, at all. But today I’m trying to stay on track. It’s just very hard. My stomach isn’t feeling good at all, but I can’t complain. I brought it upon myself. So to get myself feeling better, I’m being strict now. I also have started to up the dose on my detox pills…and they aren’t helping how I feel either. So at this moment, I feel like I’m struggling with this and all I’ve wanted to do was give up and forget about it. Seems easier than being frustrated. But this is when I just take deep breaths and think it’s going to all get better, it may take awhile. But it will. So all of this made me want to look into why we crave the things we do. And how to help balance out your body.
Candida is a yeast overgrowth. Everyone has yeast in their body, but an overgrowth can occur when the body’s natural balance is thrown off. Literally anything can throw your body off track. A few examples are antibiotics, birth control pills, poor diet, and stress. So what does your body do when it’s off balance? It starts to crave different foods. Foods or substances are classified as expansive, contractive, and neutral. Contractive foods, such as salt, meat, and poultry, cause the body to contract. Stress also causes a contraction or tightening. They have a restricting effect on the blood vessels, cells, and even thinking. Energy is focused on taking care of internal matters. The body must devote a lot of attention to processing contractive foods. Expansive foods like sugar, alcohol, coffee, and drugs cause the body to expand, open up, and are temporarily stimulating. Expansive foods are often used as a “comfort” to us. That’s why when we are down, we turn to sweets, coffee, or alcohol. Because those foods make us “feel better”.
Expansive and contractive foods are stressful to your body, since your body is always seeking balance. If you consume a lot of expansive foods, you’ll crave a contractive food to balance it. The balancing process may take the form of mood changes and temper. As you may notice, neither of those groups are good for you. But contractive foods such as meats, are good for you as long as they are organic and free range. But you want to avoid expansive foods. So why are they even options? Good question. I’d like to know who thought it would be a good idea to put food into our bodies that aren’t suppose to be there. Where does Candida play a role in all of this? Simple, something caused your body to be off balance and now that nasty overgrowth started. The third category of foods is neutral. Which consists of fruits, vegetables, grains(not wheat), nuts, and seeds. These foods are neither to contracting or to expanding. Which is why they balance out your body. When you stick to foods that balance out your body, your body will never have to fight to balance itself. Also, what’s so cool about everyone’s body, is that it can heal itself. You can regain balance back into it when you start feeding and fueling it right. I know that it’s hard to comprehend eating whole foods and not processed…that’s because society today has made you think that way. We live in a fast paced world, where it is easier to just go get fast food, or grab a freezer meal. But when you turn your thinking around and buy all good foods and prepare meals at home, that becomes easier and a healthier lifestyle.
Along with all of this, I’m posting a link for you to take a Candida test, similar to what I took. And I take this monthly to track my progress. If you take it, let me know your results! It may surprise you. Just highlight, and copy, then paste it into your address bar.


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