Monday, May 6, 2013

'Wego' Special Site Travel Connoisseurs Present in Indonesia

'Wego' Special Site Travel Connoisseurs Present in Indonesia

Research results from Commsearch show that as many as 61 million or 25 percent of the total Indonesian population are active internet users. In fact, three to 4.5 million of them access the online travel sites each month.

Seeing this, one of the leading online travel sites in the world that is Wegomake technology as one of the keys to business success. Singapore-based website offers searches over 150 travel sites, where users can book flights, hotels, and a series of activities.

"The technology is very important for us, because with the technology we can find out what is up to date for today's consumers," said Chief Technology Officer Wego. Cheah Chu Yeow in Jakarta, Tuesday (05/07/2013).

According to him, one of the advantages Wego is not using a third party such as ITA and Amadeus as the core of its technology. Rather Wego build its own technology team, because when using third party then the result is not in accordance with user needs.

"It's important for us to build this technology, which enables users to find a hotel that suits his taste," explains Managing Director Wego Indonesia, Graham Hills.

Interestingly, in Indonesia alone Wego websites available in Indonesian. Not only that, users can also search for hotels based on the preferences of Indonesia or other tourists. So, it will be easier for users to find the most popular hotels based on current demand preferences.

Wego working with local market, so as to help users to find the best rates from a variety of other travel websites. This is done so that the user can get a thorough comparison of the price offered various other sites.

"What distinguishes us from other travel sites is that we offer a speed search, local language and a pleasant experience for the user. Besides, we also have extensive connections with airlines, travel agencies and hotels," added Hills.


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